Avenue East Pte Ltd is a marketing and business support services company based in Singapore. With over 30 years of experience in global airport IT, trading, big data and virtual solutions, we offer you cost effective and fast-track means of establishing your commercial footprint in the SE Asian region.

We provide foreign companies a unique blend of HR and local knowledge business services required during those awkward initial start-up months. These services include advice on the business potential in the region and creation of an immediate point of presence in the South East Asian region.

There are already virtual offices available everywhere. So finding an office is not a problem. However, real business depends on real presence. What that means is, there has to be physical presence.  You need more than just virtual offices. You need people to represent your business in Asia.

 Providing a flexible, marketing support service tailored to meet your needs please contact Avenue East.

It has always been a big learning curve for any company from Europe, the States and other non-Asian countries to understand the business culture of South East Asian nations. By having a quick start service with us, you are easing the process of establishing YOUR NEW business presence in the South East Asian region.

You may have experienced the pains of these early beginnings in an unfamiliar territory. By having a trusted local company, you can navigate and discover Asia with greater confidence.

 Providing a flexible, marketing support service tailored to meet your needs please contact Avenue East.

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